How to kill a tree

stump-e1427848848696Have you ever cut down a tree or bush, but it kept growing back shoots?  My father-in-law is a wood-cutting master, and he and a friend helped us cut down a tree a couple years ago at my house, and we left a stump about two feet high. That thing grows little bush-like branches all through the growing season and I have to trim it regularly.

I was talking with our church secretary, Jim, recently about yard work. He mentioned that his family had been doing some removal of bushes along their shed. He hooked up his truck and pulled some out rather easily. But there was one kind of bush that was very difficult to uproot. Even the truck and chain wasn’t working.

So they looked it up online, and found that those bushes have an extensive root system making them very tough to pull out. The recommendation was to cut them off at the ground.

Jim didn’t want his bushes to grow back though.  If you just cut them off at the ground, they’re almost certain to keep growing shoots and you’ll be right back where you started in a couple years.  How do you completely kill a bush if you can’t pull it out roots and all?  Is there a way to do this without having to go to the expense of a stump grinder?  They followed more online instructions which said to drill holes in the stump, and pour weed killer into the hole. This video explains it.  Be sure to watch the follow-up video of two years later.

The bushes never grew back.

So there’s your lawn and garden tip for the day!  Cut off a bush at the ground, drill holes in the stump and pour in weed killer.  But this story is also related to the next teaching that Jesus gives us in his Sermon on the Plain in Luke 6. In this story, though, you are the tree!  If you want to see what Jesus had to say, check out Luke 6:43-45, and you are most welcome to be our guest at Faith Church this coming Sunday.

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