When trusting in God is scary [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 5]

What will really change the heart of humanity?  Fighting wars?  No!  Only Jesus. So what does trust in God look like when we are faced with strife in our world?  Christians should be known as a people who pray deeply for and strive for peace.  We should love our enemies.  We should seek to shareContinue reading “When trusting in God is scary [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 5]”

War & Peace [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 1]

As I was studying Deuteronomy 20 last week, I had songs going through my mind. War songs. Anti-war songs. It is interesting to me that there is in our culture an intersection of war and music. Then again, I suppose music touches all aspects of life. And, perhaps, so does war. I wanted to startContinue reading “War & Peace [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 1]”

War and Peace and Christians

Last week I asked, “What should Christians do about War and Peace?”  Sunday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11, so we talked about these two important responses.  Just War and Pacifism.  There are other ways to approach the response to evil in the world, but just war and pacifism tend to be the two primaryContinue reading “War and Peace and Christians”