Keep yourself in God’s love – Jude 17-25, Part 4

“Keep yourself in God’s love.” That really sounds like a religious or spiritual thing to say, right? What comes to your mind when you read that line? In this series of posts, we have been studying some phrases that Jude writes in an ancient letter to his Christian friends. It seems that Jude is writingContinue reading “Keep yourself in God’s love – Jude 17-25, Part 4”

War and Peace and Christians

Last week I asked, “What should Christians do about War and Peace?”  Sunday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11, so we talked about these two important responses.  Just War and Pacifism.  There are other ways to approach the response to evil in the world, but just war and pacifism tend to be the two primaryContinue reading “War and Peace and Christians”

Was Jesus’ teaching too radical? – Luke 6:27-36

Love your enemies?  Give the shirt off your back?  Give to everyone who asks? Last week I introduced the next section in Jesus’ sermon in Luke 6, the section he starts off famously “Love your enemies.”  Jesus really has some challenging things to say here. Because Jesus’ words are so different from the prevailing truthContinue reading “Was Jesus’ teaching too radical? – Luke 6:27-36”