Soldiers in the garden? [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 2]

Soldiers are hardy, rugged fighters, right? They train to kill, learning not only weaponry, but also hand to hand combat. But what we will find out is that God has some surprising news for Israel’s officers. Some soldiers need to be in their gardens. In part 1 of this series, we read that right beforeContinue reading “Soldiers in the garden? [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 2]”

War & Peace [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 1]

As I was studying Deuteronomy 20 last week, I had songs going through my mind. War songs. Anti-war songs. It is interesting to me that there is in our culture an intersection of war and music. Then again, I suppose music touches all aspects of life. And, perhaps, so does war. I wanted to startContinue reading “War & Peace [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 1]”