How’s your heart? – Jude 1-16, Part 3

How is your heart? We normally think of this question in medical terms. But in this post, think about your heart in spiritual terms. Does God have your heart? In this series of posts on the first 16 verses of the ancient letter called Jude, we’ve been learning that Jude was writing to Christians toContinue reading “How’s your heart? – Jude 1-16, Part 3”

False Ideas Christians Believe About…Temptation

Author’s Note: It’s been 2+ months since I wrote for this blog, and I’m excited to get back to it. A very busy season of life has finally eased up, and I want to catch up where we left off in the series on False Ideas Christians Believe. In order to speed the catch-up process,Continue reading “False Ideas Christians Believe About…Temptation”