How to build others up in the faith – Jude 17-25, Part 2

Are you building others up? What does it mean to build others up? In th previous post I mentioned that there are Christian phrases that we use but maybe don’t fully understand. Today we’re looking at the phrase “build each other up.” Are you building others up in the faith? Yesterday we began our seriesContinue reading “How to build others up in the faith – Jude 17-25, Part 2”

How to ruin a Love Feast, Jude 1-16, Part 4

Have you ever heard of a love feast? This is Part 4 in a series of posts on Jude 1-16, and we’re going to talk about people that ruin love feasts. Thus far in Parts 1, 2, and 3, we’ve been studying the ancient letter in the New Testament called Jude, and Jude has beenContinue reading “How to ruin a Love Feast, Jude 1-16, Part 4”

How’s your heart? – Jude 1-16, Part 3

How is your heart? We normally think of this question in medical terms. But in this post, think about your heart in spiritual terms. Does God have your heart? In this series of posts on the first 16 verses of the ancient letter called Jude, we’ve been learning that Jude was writing to Christians toContinue reading “How’s your heart? – Jude 1-16, Part 3”

Impostors in the church – Jude 1-16, Part 2

Are you an impostor? Are there impostors in your church? In part 1 of this series on Jude 1-16, we talked about impostors, and in this next post we’re going to learn a whole lot more about them. In verse 2 Jude gives the Christians a customary short blessing featuring mercy, peace and love, allContinue reading “Impostors in the church – Jude 1-16, Part 2”

You are Called, Loved, Kept – Jude 1-16, Part 1

Have you ever known someone who turns out to be very different from what you originally thought?  Sometimes we get that impression about a person as we get to know them.  Other times people change.  Then there are people who just fool you.  Malcolm Gladwell in his recent book Talking to Strangers tells the storyContinue reading “You are Called, Loved, Kept – Jude 1-16, Part 1”