Why did the US death rate jump sharply in recent years? – First Sunday of Advent 2019, Part 1

If you could say in one word what you want more of in life, what would that be? What this question gets at is longing.  This Advent, we are talking about longing.  Advent is a season of longing.  Ancient Christians created the season of Advent as a four week long preparatory time for the greatContinue reading “Why did the US death rate jump sharply in recent years? – First Sunday of Advent 2019, Part 1”

What can satisfy the soul? part 4 (the drastic action needed)

We started this series of posts looking at satisfying videos, thankful for them, but noting that they cannot satisfy the soul.  We talk about our phones yesterday and how they promise so much, but they, too, don’t satisfy the deepest longings of our souls.  What can satisfy the soul?  We found one answer: only GodContinue reading “What can satisfy the soul? part 4 (the drastic action needed)”

What can satisfy the soul? part 2

You are what you worship.  Agree?  Disagree?  If I had said, “You are what you eat,” that would be a bit easier to agree with.  Food goes in, metabolizes, fuels and shapes the body.  You actually are what you eat.  But what about worship?  Does worship have the same affect on us as food?  AllContinue reading “What can satisfy the soul? part 2”

What can satisfy the soul, part 1

Do any of you watch satisfying videos?  They’re a thing.  Every now and then, someone in my house enjoys watching them.  Just go on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean.  There is a whole genre of satisfying videos.  Here’s an example of one that caused a delay in writing this post…because I couldn’t stopContinue reading “What can satisfy the soul, part 1”

Who Can Satisfy Our Souls? – A Japanese Worship song

Yesterday at Faith Church we had a special treat as Yoriyoshi and Emiko Abe visited, encouraging through the preaching of the Word and leading us in worship.  Yoriyoshi told us how the Lord worked in his life, tying that in with the wonderful words found in Isaiah 55:1-3. Emiko closed the sermon by leading usContinue reading “Who Can Satisfy Our Souls? – A Japanese Worship song”

What satisfies you? (…a message from Japan!)

This Sunday we welcome Yoriyoshi and Emiko Abe from Japan! I first met Yoriyoshi about ten years ago when he visited Lancaster, considering studying at the Bible College.  That ultimately didn’t happen, but in recent years the Lord brought him to Myerstown to study at our seminary. Yoriyoshi’s family has a long-time history with theContinue reading “What satisfies you? (…a message from Japan!)”