The central fact of American life – Second Sunday of Advent 2019, Part 1

What is the central fact of American Life?  Please don’t Google it.  Just think about the first word that comes to your mind. Did you think of words like: freedom, liberty, money, politics, consumerism, individualism or shopping?  There are many words both good and bad that define our American experience.  I recently read an answerContinue reading “The central fact of American life – Second Sunday of Advent 2019, Part 1”

What can satisfy the soul, part 1

Do any of you watch satisfying videos?  They’re a thing.  Every now and then, someone in my house enjoys watching them.  Just go on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean.  There is a whole genre of satisfying videos.  Here’s an example of one that caused a delay in writing this post…because I couldn’t stopContinue reading “What can satisfy the soul, part 1”

Feeling discontent in your relationships?

What would you say has been bothering you?  Anyone been feeling discontented lately?  A change that you are hoping for too long in coming?  A change that you weren’t hoping for came unexpectedly?  Change or die, they say.  Or maybe they say it like this, if something does not change it is dead.  Or, allContinue reading “Feeling discontent in your relationships?”