The Source of True Joy – Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12, Part 3

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If money can’t buy happiness, what can?

In the previous post I mentioned that we humans can allow ourselves to believe that wealth is our hope, our savior, our peace, our life. As we continue this week’s five-part blog series on Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12, open your Bible and read how the Teacher illustrates this false trust in chapter 5, verses 13-17. 

Did you hear how he depicts the wealthy, grumpy miser?  The miser’s passion is his fortune.  His life is dominated by his desire to sit on his fortune, to count it over and over, to grow it, and not lose it.  The Teacher says that this is a futile pursuit, a sad way to live.  Why?  Because you cannot take it with you when you die. 

Clearly, the Teacher is not saying that when you have money and wealth and possessions you will instantaneously and consistently be dissatisfied.  The emotion connected with wealth and possessions is way more devious than that because wealth and possessions actually can give us a great feeling.  Whether it is the new car or the new house or the new clothing or gadget or game…you name it.  Think about what you are longing for.  It could be a meal at a great restaurant, a vacation, a TV show, a football game.  They all give us a shot of enjoyment and satisfaction.  They feel wonderful…but only for a time. Maybe you know the feeling I’m referring to, the feeling of fading enjoyment as a new belonging that once gave you satisfaction starts to feel old.  The Teacher is saying that wealth and all that money makes possible cannot give us sustained peace and tranquility.  We will always lose out, if we look for satisfaction in the wrong place. Worse, the Kingdom of God will lose out too, because when our hope and our faith in is earthly things, we are not focused on living for God’s Kingdom as we could be.

So if it is not found in money and possessions, where can we find satisfaction and peace and joy and hope?

That’s what the Teacher attempts to answer in verses 18-20.  Read those verses and then continue this post below.

Did you hear the deep joy the Teacher conveys?  He is describing joy that is founded on God.  This joys flows from an attitude of heart and mind that trusts in God, rejoicing in God no matter the circumstances of our lives. 

Has God blessed you with wealth? Than rejoice in God, not in wealth.  Has God blessed you with work?  Rejoice in God.  Eat and drink and find satisfaction in the Lord. Find joy in all the circumstances of your life.

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