Blog Year in Review – Best of 2014?

I think I’m going to have to “grade on the curve”.  You know how a teacher removes the highest and lowest student grades, and then regrades a test best on the remaining results?  One post was the most popular for the second year in a row.  In fact, this post received more than twice asContinue reading “Blog Year in Review – Best of 2014?”

How to submit to leaders and not hate it – 1st Corinthians 16:5-24, Part Two

In this final section of 1st Corinthians, Paul mentions a bunch of leaders that were familiar to the church in the city of Corinth.  At one point, he urges the church to submit to it’s leaders.  Submit is such an ugly word.  It has definitely been abused by many leaders.  As a leader in aContinue reading “How to submit to leaders and not hate it – 1st Corinthians 16:5-24, Part Two”

Leaders worth following, and followers worth leading

Are you a leader worth following? Are you a follower worth leading? Churches are made up of leaders and followers.  We are at the end…it has taken us 38 sermons to work our way through 1st Corinthians. Along the way, we have hit a lot of tough topics, and it has been good.  This was aContinue reading “Leaders worth following, and followers worth leading”

When Christians Aren’t Gracious – 1st Corinthians 16:5-24, Part 1

Paul closes the letter where he began it. Grace. Back in 1 Corinthians 1:3-4 he said “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.” And now in 16:23 he says “The grace of theContinue reading “When Christians Aren’t Gracious – 1st Corinthians 16:5-24, Part 1”

A 1st Corinthians Smorgasbord

Tomorrow we begin the end of our 1st Corinthians series.  We’ll be spending two Sundays finishing it up by looking at chapter 16 verses 5-24.  In these verses Paul talks about his itinerary, updates them about a bunch of people the Corinthian church knew well, and then gives them a bit of a smorgasbord ofContinue reading “A 1st Corinthians Smorgasbord”

Oh Geez…Not another sermon about giving…

A few years ago my family attended my son’s middle school soccer team’s end-of-year pizza party in the school cafeteria.  We were brand new to the school district, and in fact had not even moved there yet.  But we had a sales agreement on our new house, enough to meet school board requirements to letContinue reading “Oh Geez…Not another sermon about giving…”

How to grow as a disciple of Jesus in an already busy world – 1st Corinthians 15:58

Last week I introduced Sunday’s sermon on 1st Corinthians 15:58 by asking what we do if we want to serve God more, but our lives are so busy.  Out of that question comes another one: isn’t okay to just believe in Jesus, or do we need to be radicals? 1st Corinthians 15:58 closes out aContinue reading “How to grow as a disciple of Jesus in an already busy world – 1st Corinthians 15:58”

Breaking the 80/20 Rule (or Is Radical Christianity really necessary?)

At Faith Church I’m convinced we have broken the 80-20 rule. You know the adage that “20% of the people do 80% of the work”?  It is a complaint that usually a small group of people take on the lion’s share of the responsibility in an organization, while the majority of people slack off.  OftenContinue reading “Breaking the 80/20 Rule (or Is Radical Christianity really necessary?)”

Following Jesus is supposed to be hard? – 1st Corinthians 15:51-57

After the sermon this past Sunday, our sermon discussion group had a lively conversation about how hard it is to experience Victory in Jesus.  Some even suggested that it is supposed to be hard!  What do you think about that? Have you ever felt that it is difficult to be a follower of Jesus?  WhyContinue reading “Following Jesus is supposed to be hard? – 1st Corinthians 15:51-57”

Are you feeling defeated? There is hope!

It’s a simple question, “How are you?” with many forms: “How’s it going?” “How ya doin’?” “How are things?” These questions have become a pleasant formality, a nicety, rather than a serious question. And the polite response is “Fine.” Or “Good”. The pleasantries complete, we move along having just completed our relational duty. But we’reContinue reading “Are you feeling defeated? There is hope!”