When holidays are depressing [Third Sunday of Advent]

Editor’s Note: I’m playing catch-up with blogging Faith Church’s sermons. My doctoral coursework, a heavy load grading online classes I teach, and the holidays landed simultaneously these past few weeks! So before we jump back to the Deuteronomy series, I’ll survey the last few weeks of Advent, belatedly, of course. On the Third Sunday ofContinue reading “When holidays are depressing [Third Sunday of Advent]”

Why Faith Church Observes the Season of Advent

The angels said to the shepherds “peace on earth, goodwill to men” that night Jesus was born in Bethlehem. But many of us do not feel like Christmastime is peaceful or filled with goodwill. In fact many of us are afraid that we will have what Elvis Presley sang about, “A Blue Christmas”. Or weContinue reading “Why Faith Church Observes the Season of Advent”

Why our church prayer meeting tripled in attendance this week

We normally have 8-10 faithful pray-ers at the Faith Church prayer meeting each Wednesday evening.  This week we had 27. On Sunday night, a lady in our church family, who lives just a few doors down the road from the church building, was walking to a Bible study Christmas party, and she was struck byContinue reading “Why our church prayer meeting tripled in attendance this week”