When holidays are depressing [Third Sunday of Advent]

Editor’s Note: I’m playing catch-up with blogging Faith Church’s sermons. My doctoral coursework, a heavy load grading online classes I teach, and the holidays landed simultaneously these past few weeks! So before we jump back to the Deuteronomy series, I’ll survey the last few weeks of Advent, belatedly, of course. On the Third Sunday ofContinue reading “When holidays are depressing [Third Sunday of Advent]”

Feeling low this Christmas?

Fear.  Sadness.  Longing.  Disappointment.  Loneliness. Are you feeling any of these emotions lately? It seems like the world can be a dark place.  Even at this most joyous time of the year, we can feel low.  As we look around our lives, our culture, and our planet, we can have a distinct impression that thingsContinue reading “Feeling low this Christmas?”