Is God a frustrated lover? – Ezekiel 7, Part 2

Have you ever experienced the frustration of loving someone who isn’t loving you back? It is a common human relational reality. Spouses that are scorned or betrayed. Kids neglecting their parents, and parents neglecting their kids. Friends that don’t care when you are struggling. Have you ever considered that God might feel like that? InContinue reading “Is God a frustrated lover? – Ezekiel 7, Part 2”

How to grow your love for God, part 1

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”?  What does it mean? That children or young people tend to behave like their parents.  It happens all the time.  And it is not just that we look like our parents, or sound like them, but that we tend to haveContinue reading “How to grow your love for God, part 1”

God is odd

If you were a person living in the Ancient Near East observing the people of Israel on their strange journey out of slavery in Egypt to settlement in Canaan, you might think “this is an odd people, and their God is odd too.”  In fact, as we continue studying Deuteronomy chapter 4, Moses, in verse 6,Continue reading “God is odd”