What it means that “God is Love” – Honest Advent Week 2, Part 1

During Honest Advent we are looking at what gifts we can give Jesus. Last week we learned that one of the gifts he wants is our vulnerability.  What we are starting to find in this Advent series is that the gifts Jesus wants are gifts that he first gave us.  Think about how Jesus gaveContinue reading “What it means that “God is Love” – Honest Advent Week 2, Part 1″

Why telling the Nativity Story could get you killed

The Nativity. A familiar story. Very familiar. Too familiar? When we think about the Nativity story, about the birth of Jesus, we often play music in our heads to the tune of Silent Night, Holy Night. Where all is calm, and all is bright. Or perhaps for you the song is Away in a MangerContinue reading “Why telling the Nativity Story could get you killed”

Signal Jamming Worship

My mother’s side of the family used to have a large Christmas Eve gathering at my grandparent’s home.  I loved that event more than I can describe.  The food was awesome.  I loved hanging out with my cousins.  The gifts around the Christmas tree were bountiful.  My grandmother always got us cousins the most bizarreContinue reading “Signal Jamming Worship”