What makes life worth living – Acts 20, Part 3

What makes life worth living for you?  Think about that. Is it spending time with your family?  Is it enjoying vacation?  A hobby?  Maybe you’re working for the weekend?  For some people it is getting outside and being in nature, gardening, hiking, or some other sport.  What makes life worth living?  What makes lives worthwhileContinue reading “What makes life worth living – Acts 20, Part 3”

Two surprising ways to respond to suffering

Being surprised or scared can be a horrible feeling right?  Even when the surprise is a good surprise, there are some people that hate to be surprised!  Do you know anyone who makes you promise that you will not throw them a surprise birthday party?  Why? When you are in a groove, a routine, andContinue reading “Two surprising ways to respond to suffering”

Does Jesus want us to be Apocalypse Preppers? – Luke 17:20-37

Last week, I mentioned that we can feel fine if in fact we are living in the end of the world.  Here’s why. Some people are fine because they are ready for the end of the world.  They are prepared.  We call them Preppers.  The family in the picture above is an example. Look atContinue reading “Does Jesus want us to be Apocalypse Preppers? – Luke 17:20-37”

A blog to discuss sermons and books

I am starting a blog. I am conflicted within about starting a blog. Why do I feel so uncomfortable about it?  Feelings aside, I paid for the blog.  Just as clicking the “Submit Payment” button on the marathon registration website led to months of training and ultimately a painfully wonderful four hours, I am hopingContinue reading “A blog to discuss sermons and books”