Jesus’ bizarre depiction of heaven and hell – Luke 16:19-31

Do pastors lie at funerals?  Though we sound confident, usually that the deceased is in heaven, do we really know that?  You can read my thoughts on that in the intro post.  The question I asked in that post is: “So, what happens when we die?  Is it possible that we can know now whatContinue reading “Jesus’ bizarre depiction of heaven and hell – Luke 16:19-31”

Why pastors lie at funerals

Funerals are a place where we pastors can be guilty of lying…a lot. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself.  So this is my confession: how to do I lie at funerals?  I almost always talk about the person who passed away as definitely being in heaven.  As if there is no question about their eternalContinue reading “Why pastors lie at funerals”