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Feeling afraid, confused and frustrated in life’s storms

24 Jul

The storm we had a few weeks ago was really severe. Did it wake you? It woke me.

The blasting away of the thunder and the flashes of lightning strikes are pretty fearsome.

Over the years perhaps you have seen some awesome photos and videos of storms.

Maybe you’ve been in the storm taking the photo and video, trying to capture an image of a lightning bolt.

Think about the worst storm you’ve been in. Where were you? How did you feel?

Have you ever been in a boat on the water during a storm? Storms are scary enough in our cars or in our homes, with things shaking like crazy. But imagine the feeling of being whipped all around by waves, knowing that your boat could topple, sink and you could be thrown into the raging ocean?  If you’ve experienced that, you might know the fear Jesus’ disciples felt in our next teaching on Luke.

Fear produced in a boat on the ocean in a storm has to be an entirely different, deeper kind of fear.

But not all storms are wind, rain, thunder and lightning. The ups and downs of life can be pretty stormy can’t they?  Life storms. Think about the worst life storms you’ve been in. When things at work go sour. When a close relationship breaks apart. An accident. A sickness.

A life storm is an unexpected event that is scary, that hurts, leaving us confused and frustrated in its wake, often without hope and wondering where God is in the storm.

I remember when we were missionaries in Jamaica, thinking that was going to be our life’s work. One year after arriving there, we were on a plane moving back home with huge question marks about what just happened and what was next. There were no answers in the midst of the storm. Just confusing, frustrating questions.

You ever felt like that?  On Sunday we’ll look at a time Jesus and his disciples got themselves into a storm. Jesus’ way of dealing with it is surprising, to say the least.

If you want to prepare for the sermon on Sunday read Luke 8:22-25.  See you Sunday at Faith Church when we gather for worship!