Flipping out, Losing it, Going off, and other generally mean things

Sometimes people are hard to deal with. Six or seven years ago we had an outdoor concert in the grass field behind our church.  Featuring our praise band playing on a flatbed trailer, it was something we had not done in recent years, and we were excited about it. A few days before the concert,Continue reading “Flipping out, Losing it, Going off, and other generally mean things”

Follow up to Joy & Peace (aka “resting in the liver”)

What an amazing Sunday!  We got to celebrate with seven people as they were baptized, proclaiming their faith in Christ and their desire to be his disciples for life.  That visual image of moving from death (under the water) to life (rising above the water) is so clear. Through those baptisms on Sunday we sawContinue reading “Follow up to Joy & Peace (aka “resting in the liver”)”

Follow up to Favorite Love Song

In preparation for the sermon on Sunday, I asked the question on this blog, “What is your favorite love song?”  There were so many great responses!  We heard of another church that put together a whole bunch of love songs, made a fun medley out of it, and we played the video during the sermon.Continue reading “Follow up to Favorite Love Song”

What is your favorite love song?

I’m excited because tomorrow we start a new teaching series on the Fruit of the Spirit.  Last week at Vacation Bible School we studied the Fruit of the Spirit, so we thought it would be cool to keep the study going. First up is love!  Love is all over our culture. This afternoon, if youContinue reading “What is your favorite love song?”

Civil Disobedience

Maybe you had to read Thoreau’s paper on Civil Disobedience in high school or college.  It is a transcendentalist classic work of American literature.  Here is a brief summary. Have you ever practiced civil disobedience?  I’ve heard of people who rationalize not paying taxes. I’ve heard of people who try to pay their electric billContinue reading “Civil Disobedience”

How do you feel about job evaluations?

It is summertime, and among many other things we do every summer at Faith Church (like the 4th of July picnic at Long’s Park, VBS and summer camp at Twin Pines), we also do staff evaluations.  Usually I bring along a ministry volunteer that serves with the particular staff member, and we talk with themContinue reading “How do you feel about job evaluations?”