Multiple worship services ARE of the devil!

Yes, having multiple worship services are of the devil…if we let them be. Let me explain. It is very interesting how we go through life and end up changing our minds about things. For example, how did I go from this to this?  If you don’t want to fully read those two blog posts, here’sContinue reading “Multiple worship services ARE of the devil!”

Could starting an additional worship service be of the devil?

Well, could it?  People have wondered this. We started an 8am worship service a few months ago, in addition to our 9:30am service.  We did not need to have another worship because lack of space necessitated it.  We have plenty of room in our sanctuary for our current attendance on Sundays. People wondered if startingContinue reading “Could starting an additional worship service be of the devil?”

Why I dislike church worship surveys very, very much

The pastors of the EC Church have a Facebook page.  It’s a place where we pastors talk shop throughout the week, ask each other questions, debate, and so on.  Recently a pastor friend of mine asked the following question: Has anyone ever surveyed their congregation regarding worship style? If so, do you have any questionsContinue reading “Why I dislike church worship surveys very, very much”