Could starting an additional worship service be of the devil?

Well, could it?  People have wondered this.

We started an 8am worship service a few months ago, in addition to our 9:30am service.  We did not need to have another worship because lack of space necessitated it.  We have plenty of room in our sanctuary for our current attendance on Sundays.

People wondered if starting the early service was a bad idea.  Some even cautiously speculated that the devil might be at work in the process.  The reason they thought this is that adding the extra worship service can give the impression of disunity.  There are now two groups.  The 8am people and the 9:30am people.  It seems that this is not a good thing, especially when our sanctuary could fit them all at the same time.  Is this not division in the church?  A kind of church split?  We know the devil loves those.

This concern was part of the reason that we balked at the idea of two services as long as we did.  Since I’ve been at Faith Church, we have been discussing this at least as far back as 2007.  We want unity.  We have asked people to give up their worship style preferences so that we can have a visible expression of unity, worshiping together on Sunday mornings.  As a result, starting in 2007, we decided to hold one blended worship service, half traditional, half contemporary.  I don’t feel it went very well.  (And yet, look what I wrote here.  Interesting the change.)  You set out to please everyone a little bit, and you end up pleasing no one.  20-25 people left the church because they felt it was too contemporary.  Others visited and never came back because it was too traditional.  Unity?

I wish we would have started a second traditional service years ago.  The heart behind our decision to do so earlier this year was love.  Express love by ministering to people in their language.  For some in our congregation, that language is traditional worship.  We have 15-20 people that attend the early service.  Could it be the work of the devil that we are reaching out to them in love?

And what of unity?  Some people from both services have legitimately expressed concern that they miss seeing and talking to the people from the other service.  That is a great concern!  The issue is not how the new service broke unity, but instead how we will pursue unity in spite of the new service.  What do you think you could do to be unified with those who attend the other service?  Is there Scripture that might apply to this?  We’ll talk about this more on Sunday, but feel free to start discussing here now.

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I love my wife, Michelle, and our four kids and two daughters-in-law. I serve at Faith Church and love our church family. I teach a course online from time to time, and in my free time I love to read and exercise, especially running,

6 thoughts on “Could starting an additional worship service be of the devil?

  1. Our church has two services as well, with a breakfast/fellowship time in between. People from both services get together then to talk or to catch up. I don’t think it has affected our sense of unity. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. I feel you did the right thing by trying out another worship time. And it is only normal for those who were asking for it, to find something that they may not like about it. It is SO hard to please everyone, but when you have a fairly large amount of people wanting something it is only fair to give it a shot.

    But with the knowledge that they now miss certain aspects of one Worship, maybe ask…. What is more important? Having a “Traditional” Worship service? Or being together with the rest of the Congregation?

    I personally don’t feel it is the work of the Devil. But for some, they just get their minds set on something and they don’t think about the Cons. Or they just feel so strong about their beliefs that nothing else matters. Maybe now they realize what is important…..

    Maybe, there is a way to still keep the earlier service and keep the Fellowship going. A good way I feel, would be to encourage those to reach out by inviting someone for coffee, a meal, or to a community event. I feel that kind of Fellowship is just as if not more important.

    In our years of attending Faith Church, I have a few things embedded. One being that, no certain style worship is better then the other. Everything we do, we should do with LOVE. And most importantly, REACH OUT TO OTHERS, and spread the word of God.

    EPHESIANS 4:4-6 there is one body and one spirit– just as you were called— one Lord, one Faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all in all.

    Just some thoughts……Thanks.

  3. It is so hard to please everyone, but I feel you did the right thing. It is understandable that when you have a fairly large amount of people wanting or asking for something, that it is carried out. And it is also normal for those same people to then raise awareness to some things they don’t like thereafter….. So confusing and frustrating I’m sure!

    I personally don’t think it is the devil at work, but some people just get set on certain “traditions”. And sometimes when our minds get wrapped around a certain aspect, we don’t think about the cons. SO NORMAL, BUT CONFUSING! And I think To those who wanted the earlier service, you might ask…..What is more important to you? Having the “Traditional” service? Or being together with the rest of the congregation? Maybe encourage them to reach out to the others by inviting them for coffee, a meal, or to a community event. I personally feel that kind of Fellowship is just as if not more important in the Church.

    In our years of attending Faith Church, I feel I have a few things imbedded. One being that, God is not set on any particular style of Worship. HE also wants us to reach out to each other, and make use of the space OUTSIDE of our Church. And mostly, just Love one another. And even though

    1. Sorry, When I commented the first time I had to stop. When I came back to it it was gone. So I wrote a whole other one. Well, somehow Addison discovered it while playing with my phone this morning I found my phone laying on the floor, this blog open and that my original comment posted. Sorry…..

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