Jesus on trial calls his first witness – John 5:31-47, Part 2

Jesus is on trial. The religious leaders have accused him of breaking the Sabbath law and of blasphemy. They want to kill him. So they ask him to provide authentication of the authority by which he broke the law. The religious leaders don’t believe Jesus had any authority. The crowd watching feels the tension inContinue reading “Jesus on trial calls his first witness – John 5:31-47, Part 2”

Paul…on trial again – Acts 24-26, Part 2

Have you ever been on trial in a courtroom? I was once. I was 17, scared, nervous, and very guilty. I wrote about that story here. This week we’re learning from the Apostle Paul how to talk about God, and in Acts 24-26 he’s back on trial, but this time Paul testifies before the bigwigsContinue reading “Paul…on trial again – Acts 24-26, Part 2”