How an old painting can change your life – Luke 15

Years ago a guy by the name of Henri Nouwen sat in front of an old painting hanging in a old art museum in Russia.  He stared at the painting, studying it for six straight hours.  It changed his life.  You can read all about it in his powerful book, The Return of the ProdigalContinue reading “How an old painting can change your life – Luke 15”

How God feels about you when you feel lost

Ravi Zacharias tells a story about two English Navy men on leave for the weekend.  They decide to go to a local pub and enjoy themselves.  As you can imagine, they get wasted.  Eventually they leave the pub walking through the city for hours only to realize they are hopelessly lost. So they ask aContinue reading “How God feels about you when you feel lost”

Returning from prodigal fundamentalism

In the fall 2001, with the disaster of 9/11 still very much turning our national future into a huge question mark, my wife, Michelle, and I felt our personal lives were in a fog as well.  We had just moved back to Pennsylvania after a year of missionary service in Kingston, Jamaica.  Expecting it toContinue reading “Returning from prodigal fundamentalism”