90 days to a new you! – 1st Corinthians 15:35-50

Wish you could change your life? Get a new body?  Fix a relationship?  Stabilize your finances?  Quit smoking?  I found the banner above claiming that it takes 30 days to change a habit, and 60 more to change your life.  I also saw lots of pictures for workout programs, classes, diets, and the like.  AContinue reading “90 days to a new you! – 1st Corinthians 15:35-50”

What would you do to get a new body?

What would you do to get a new body? Think about how much money, time and effort people go through to get new bodies. I love a good weight-loss story because I lost a bunch myself, and it feels great. But some other new body stories scare me. Endless plastic surgeries, injections, pills, etc. WhatContinue reading “What would you do to get a new body?”