Being radical…right or wrong? – John 5:31-47, Preview

Have you ever scolded someone for being too radical?  Maybe they’re young, idealistic and are making plans that you, in your years of experience, know will almost certainly fail.  So you step in, clip their wings, giving them what you believe is a much-needed dose of reality.  “They’re so immature.  So young,” you think toContinue reading “Being radical…right or wrong? – John 5:31-47, Preview”

What does God say about race and diversity?

This weekend my sermon is about race.  Our sermon series is called Life in These United States, and we’re talking about what everyone is talking about.  Race relations have been in the news a lot in recent years, and again this week there have been two shootings of black men by police officers.  These shootingsContinue reading “What does God say about race and diversity?”