Dealing with the harsh reality of God’s invisibility

Do you ever wish God would show himself?  Ever feel jealous of the disciples who got to walk and talk with Jesus for three whole years?  I do.  I’m not always certain that God’s idea to be invisible was a good one.  Why not just manifest yourself and prove to everyone you’re alive and well? Continue reading “Dealing with the harsh reality of God’s invisibility”

How parents and grandparents can bring revival to our land

There’s a scary reality we need to bring up. Though we are studying Deuteronomy, jump ahead to Judges 2:10, which takes place maybe 40-50 years after Deuteronomy.  By this time Joshua has taken over for Moses as leader of Israel, guiding Israel as  they take possession of the Promised Land and settle down.  Then JoshuaContinue reading “How parents and grandparents can bring revival to our land”

Was God being manipulative when he said, “If you obey me, you will live”?

Is God being manipulative when he says, “If you obey me, you will live”? Is he being threatening?  Why in the world would God say that?  If you remove the Christian filter from your mind, you can read God as sounding an awful lot like an abusive boyfriend. As we continue our study through Deuteronomy,Continue reading “Was God being manipulative when he said, “If you obey me, you will live”?”

How God feels about sinners…even the worst ones!

Can God save the worst sinner ever?  Would he want to?  You and I might not feel like the worst sinners ever in history, but we can often feel pretty guilty about our bad choices.  In the middle of the guilt, we wonder, “How does God feel about us when we have screwed up?” AsContinue reading “How God feels about sinners…even the worst ones!”

How to survive the holiday blues

Are you feeling low this Christmas?  Though there are Christmas lights everywhere, does your life feel like a dark place? In the sermon intro blog post, I introduced a story in the history of the Israelite nation of Judea.  At the time, Hezekiah was King, and he was trapped inside the Judean capital city, Jerusalem. Continue reading “How to survive the holiday blues”

The surprising thing God says about sex

You fill in the blank: “Sex is ________”. Too often we Christians have responded to our culture in negative, hurtful ways that have led people to conclude that we hate sex, that we think sex is bad.  Our young people have heard so often “don’t have sex”, that many Christians teens are scared of it,Continue reading “The surprising thing God says about sex”

What does the Bible say about Sex?

I feel a bit like the parent who knows they ought and need to talk with their pubescent child about the birds and the bees, but because it is so awkward they procrastinate. Except this time, I’m talking to the church, an entire congregation, on a Sunday morning, about the birds and bees. Yeah, weContinue reading “What does the Bible say about Sex?”

Nehemiah, Brother Lawrence & Conversing with God all day long

Yesterday we studied the OT Hero, Nehemiah.  We saw that he was a man of prayer.  In fact, it seems like most of the book of Nehemiah is a prayer journal.  As we read the story of his passion to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, little prayers are sprinkled throughout, personal prayers from Nehemiah’s heartContinue reading “Nehemiah, Brother Lawrence & Conversing with God all day long”