If Jesus had a scorecard, he wouldn’t be counting the believers

Ed Stetzer recently shared the following story: Last year, Caroline Inglis was on the verge of an historic feat. No high school golfer, male or female, had ever captured the Oregon state title four consecutive years. Inglis won the class 5A state tournament her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. There seemed very little doubt thatContinue reading “If Jesus had a scorecard, he wouldn’t be counting the believers”

How do you feel about job evaluations?

It is summertime, and among many other things we do every summer at Faith Church (like the 4th of July picnic at Long’s Park, VBS and summer camp at Twin Pines), we also do staff evaluations.  Usually I bring along a ministry volunteer that serves with the particular staff member, and we talk with themContinue reading “How do you feel about job evaluations?”

Church is a business?

I ordered a book today.  One of my pastoral friends has highly recommended it, and it can’t come soon enough. Why? I get so freaking frustrated because I am running a business, the success of which is measured by numbers.  Those numbers are decreasing.  That gets me upset, even though I know that Jesus isContinue reading “Church is a business?”