Committing adultery against God

If God asked you to start dating and marry someone who, guaranteed, would commit adultery, would you do it? Maybe the better question is why would God ask that? Read Hosea and then let’s discuss this further.  What happens when we read Hosea’s story is that we put ourselves in Hosea’s shoes.  We feel hisContinue reading “Committing adultery against God”

Knowing and doing what God wants you to do…easy, right?

Did you ever wish God would visit you, in the body of Morgan Freeman, and tell you what he wants you to do? Like this. I have wished for that, even the Morgan Freeman part.  But it has never happened.  Well, not quite like that. Does God still speak?  In this past week’s sermon JamesContinue reading “Knowing and doing what God wants you to do…easy, right?”