We can’t be Jesus’ disciples without helping others also become his disciples – Becoming Disciplemakers, Part 5

When Jesus commissioned his disciples to make disciples, they did so. Their disciples continued the mission, making more disciples. 2 Timothy 2:2 is a wonderful vision of this cycle, as Paul tells Timothy to teach people who will be able to teach more people. That’s four generations of disciples in just one verse! We Christians in 2022 are the benefactors of this never-ending cycle that began two millenia ago. How does the disciple-making cycle work?

It starts when a person begins a relationship with Jesus begins by believing, by trusting in him. But that relationship must move beyond the initial believing. A relationship with Jesus will not be a relationship very long if the trusting and believing is not followed by following Jesus.

Trust and obey, we teach our children, for there’s no other way.  Or as James says in James 2, “Faith without works is dead.”  “Even Satan and the demons have faith,” James says.  They know Jesus is the truth.  But of course they do not obey him.  That’s where a true disciple is different, they give their lives over to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow him.

We all need to ask ourselves the serious question “Have I crossed the Matthew 7 line?”  What’s the Matthew 7 line? See this post. Once we have crossed the Matthew 7 line, then we help others cross the Matthew 7 line.  It involves spending time with people.  Lots of time. Intentional time. 

But what do we do with that time?  Or to put it another way, what is time well spent so that we are helping people grow in their discipleship to Jesus?  The easy answer is to go through a Bible study workbook together.  That is not a wrong answer.  There are plenty of Bible studies. Good Bible studies that can lead to good discussions.

But did Jesus lead his disciples in Bible studies?  Sometimes, yes.  We see that from time to time he discussed Scripture with them and others.  More often he told parables, stories to get them thinking.  But are there others ways that we see Jesus actually investing in his disciples?

He led by example. He demonstrated graciousness, forgiveness, boldness, kindness, and love. He spent time alone with his Father. He asked questions. Lots of questions. He gave the disciples responsibilities. First, he asked them to baptize people. Then he sent the 12 on a mission trip. Then he sent 70 or 72 on a trip. Gradually, through patient investment in their lives, he molded them to the place where they were ready to take over for him.

Who are you investing in? Who are you helping mold into disciples of Jesus?

Photo by Small Group Network on Unsplash

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