How to change a heart of stone into a heart of flesh (and help others do the same) – Ezekiel 11, Part 5

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Editor’s Note: Thanks to David Hundert who is our guest blogger this week, continuing our series through Ezekiel.

Think about your heart. Not your actual blood pumper…but your inner being. Would you say you have a heart of stone or a heart of flesh? Do you feel somewhat cold or dead inside? Is there hope for you?

Do you desire a new life? A new feeling about life? There is hope!

In the previous post, we talked about how people who already have a relationship with Jesus should still practice confession to experience its transformative power. What do you do, if you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior? What if you’re not sure? Well guess what? There’s still hope! You, too, can experience the transformative power of Jesus that can change a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. But how?

The answer is also simple.

Confess your sins! Repent, which is just a fancy way to say stop doing what you’re doing, confess it, and go the other way. Ask Jesus into your heart and ask him to be the Lord of your life. You hear the phrase, “asking Jesus into your heart” from time to time and usually in Christian circles, but what does that really mean?

It means to give Jesus the center stage in your life. It means that you are relinquishing the throne of your life to him. When we say that something is “near to our heart,” it means that it is special to us. As we have been learning this week in Ezekiel 11, ask the Holy Spirit for that heart of flesh and to get rid of that heart of stone. Romans 10:9-10 states,

“If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.”

If you’ve already prayed and asked the Lord into your heart and you’re just not sure, or if you haven’t yet prayed, I would encourage you to not wait any longer. Just comment below, as we would love to talk with you and pray both with and for you.

As I conclude this week’s series of posts on Ezekiel 11, I have a personal challenge for those of you who already have a relationship with Jesus.

Think of someone that you interact with on a regular basis. This is someone that you have always wanted to share the gospel with but haven’t yet. It can be someone that once proclaimed a relationship with the Lord and now they appear to have turned their back on the Lord. Maybe they just have questions, which is okay because we all have had them at one time or another, but maybe you feel that you’re not equipped to answer their questions. They can be a co-worker, a close or distant family member. They can be a neighbor. They can be your usual barista at your favorite coffee place. I want you to think about them for a minute.

Now, I’m not going to challenge you to do something completely outside your character and put a tract in their hand or anything like that. If you have that person in mind, I’d like to ask you to pray for the people you were thinking about. I mean to seriously petition heaven on their behalf. Grab onto the Lord’s coat tails and don’t let go until he answers your prayer. Make that person your “One in 2021.” Pray that if the Lord will, that he would give you the strength to move from prayer and care, and from to prayer and share. Pray that he would give you the strength to take that next step, and open that dialogue. However, you can also pray that if the Lord doesn’t give you the words or courage to speak to that person, that the Lord would provide someone who that will. We may not all be equipped to be evangelists, but we can pray!

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