Separate? Divorce? Remarry? – What to do?

r-CHILDREN-OF-DIVORCE-large570I’ll never forget a moment at summer church camp when I was in 6th or 7th grade. One of my cousins was with me that week, and we were sitting in the gym for a Bible discussion. Next thing I know, my cousin who is a year older than me was bawling, body heaving up and down in the throes of emotion. His parents had just recently divorced. It was the first time I felt the emotion of divorce touch my life. I had other cousins and friends who parents divorced, but before that day at camp, I don’t remember having seen the emotion up close and personal.

As I share that story, many of you know those feelings in a deeply personal way because you experienced the divorce of your parents, or you yourself had a marriage lead to divorce. Statisticians have been telling us for years that 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and that goes for Christians as well.

That also goes for second marriages. About 25% of children who have not only lived through the divorce of their parents also watched a parent’s second marriage ended in the divorce.

This sermon on Sunday is not meant to present a judgmental attack on people who have been divorced. Instead I want you to hear what God says about something that has profoundly impact on our society.

relationshipstatusMay is relationship month at Faith Church. Last week we looked at marriage and this week separation, divorce, remarriage and couple other related questions. We have been studying the letter of 1st Corinthians, and in chapter 7, the author of the letter, Paul, responds to a number of questions that people from the church he started 5-6 years before had written him about.

He talks about divorce specifically in 1 Corinthians 7:10-16.

When we studied this in sermon roundtable a couple weeks ago, we identified no less than six different questions that Paul is potentially trying to answer in these verses. Here they are:

  1. Should Christians ever separate from their spouse?  If so, when?
  2. Should Christians ever get a divorce?  Again, if so, when?
  3. If divorced, is it okay to remarry?
  4. Is it okay if Christians marry those who are not Christians?
  5. What does it mean that people are sanctified through their spouses?
  6. How does a Christian parent make their children holy?

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