This sermon gets an M rating

Join us this coming Sunday at Faith Church as Phil Bartelt continues our series in 1st Corinthians.  This past week, being Easter, we jumped ahead to 1 Corinthians 15, which focuses on the resurrection.  In two days when we gather for worship again, Phil will return to 1st Corinthians 6, finishing up a hard-hitting chapter with a section about sexuality.

That’s why this sermon gets an M rating.rated m

Mature audiences only.  We have our children’s programs, so if you join us, preschool and elementary kids will not be listening to the sermon.  We feel it best that parents be the first ones to talk with their kids about sexuality.

But the rest of us will be talking about it.

A church worship service might seem to be the last place you would expect to hear people talk about sexuality.  But we need to talk about it!  No surprise here: we live in a society that is inundated with sexuality.  I can look out my kitchen window as I type this and see my Amish neighbors’ bake stand.  The community we live is incredibly beautiful, and especially this time of year, with green grass, plowed fields, and a rainbow of flowers popping up all over.  But here, too, amid the gorgeous wonder of springtime in rural Lancaster County, we are swimming in the waters of a culture awash with sexuality.

Having said that I realize I could come across as equating sexuality with evil or as bad or not pristine, not gorgeous wonder.  Please know my intent is anything but that. Instead I want to ask you some questions in preparation for Phil’s sermon:

Is sexual expression always bad?  Should there be limitations to it?  What is a healthy, beautiful expression of sexuality?  What does the Bible have to say for how God wants his disciples for express their sexuality?  How should Christians interact with people, with a society that might have different ideas about what is the best way to express sexuality?

From the Puritans to Miley Cyrus, and everything in between, and many other expressions of sexuality more strict or more open, our society has changed greatly when it comes to expressing our sexuality.  Through the decades, not just our culture, but also religion and the Bible have had a significant impact on how people understand and express sexuality.  I encourage you to join us on Sunday as Phil teaches through this passage.  You might be reading this thinking that you couldn’t care less about what the Bible has to say about sexuality.   Perhaps you’ll be curious enough to hear it out.

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