How Jesus redefines “family” – Philemon 8-25, Part 3

How do you define “family”? Biologically? Qualitatively? Some other way? As we continue studying Philemon verses 8-25, today we’re going to see Paul explain how Jesus defines family, and get ready, it is shocking. So what did Paul say?  Let’s continue his flow of thought from what we already learned in Part 1 and 2Continue reading “How Jesus redefines “family” – Philemon 8-25, Part 3″

Of Slaves and Apostles – Titus 1:1-4, Part 2

Have you ever called yourself a slave to your boss? A slave to your job? Maybe you have slaved over a project in school. Or perhaps you worked slavishly doing yard work. We use the word “slave” in many ways, even though that word has a horrid connotation because it describes the very awful andContinue reading “Of Slaves and Apostles – Titus 1:1-4, Part 2”