Is your church too small?

Why are there so many Christian churches and denominations?  Can’t you all just get along? Maybe the fact that there are so many churches and denominations is proof that Christianity is false.  Jesus prayed in John 17:20-21 that not only his twelve disciples, but also those who would become his followers through the ministry ofContinue reading “Is your church too small?”

Crumbs, Lists, Notes, and more – Monday Messy Office Report 11/10/14

My Friday tidy office is mysteriously messy on Monday.  Here’s what I found today: 1. Crumbs and other telltale signs that people were here.  Brownie crumbs on the counter, leftover from the brownies served during coffee break yesterday.  A scribble page (which we keep in our sanctuary pews for kids) with lots of scribble onContinue reading “Crumbs, Lists, Notes, and more – Monday Messy Office Report 11/10/14”

Worship in the Park and Summer Vacation

This weekend is the first of two Worship in the Park Sundays that Faith Church has been holding for the last 3-4 years, and thankfully the weather is forecast to be beautiful!  We set up our worship band in the High Pavilion at East Lampeter Community Park, and enjoy worshipping God in the gorgeous surroundingsContinue reading “Worship in the Park and Summer Vacation”