5 church family killers

Yesterday our community learned that police apprehended a man who is accused of, 25 years ago, killing a local school teacher.  He has been living and working in our community all these years.  Here’s the freaky thing, he has a long career as a popular DJ, and he recently deejayed our daughter’s 6th grade end-of-yearContinue reading “5 church family killers”

How to defeat temptation and discontentment – Luke 4:1-14

Is there a certain area of your life where you regularly feel discontent? Consider doing what Jesus did. Create a game plan to attack the temptation of discontent when it arises: Step 1 – Choose a small portion that addresses the temptation. Step 2 – Memorize it. Step 3 – Review it over and over.Continue reading “How to defeat temptation and discontentment – Luke 4:1-14”