Justice [God’s heart for good government, part 2]

Imagine you were creating a new nation, and you were responsible for writing a document that would become the guiding principles for this whole new society.  What would you include?  If you could narrow it down to just a few key ideas, what is necessary?  What is the basis of good governance? As we sawContinue reading “Justice [God’s heart for good government, part 2]”

The one thing you need (to make it as a stranger in the world)

In a world of partiality and discrimination and bias, where is the one place that still considers everyone impartially? The church?  Nope.  Martin Luther King Jr. said years ago that Sunday morning is one of the most racially segregated places in America, and it is still true today. I read an article this week thatContinue reading “The one thing you need (to make it as a stranger in the world)”