Do You Worship These American Idols? – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Part 5

What do you think are some American idols?  Sex and money are probably the first that come to mind, and for good reason.  Next in line and perhaps more tempting for some people are two potential idols related to money, and that is materialism and consumerism.  Love of money, Paul writes, is the root ofContinue reading “Do You Worship These American Idols? – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Part 5”

What is idolatry? – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Part 4

Those statues above are ancient Canaanite idols. When I look at them, I can have a hard time imagining how people would worship them, believing they might have power. But as we have seen in our study of the life and ministry of the prophet Ezekiel, even the Jews who had a long history experiencingContinue reading “What is idolatry? – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Part 4”

God has a barber?!?! – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Part 3

I really like my barber, Shane. He gives me and my sons a fantastic cut every time we see him. He has a great personality, and I enjoy talking with him. We have razors at home too, and I will ask my wife to cut my hair as well, to save time and money. SheContinue reading “God has a barber?!?! – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Part 3”

American Idols – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Preview

Do you worship idols? Of course not, right? Or do you? When I was in seminary for my Master’s degree I took a course called “American Idols.”  It wasn’t about the famous singing competition!  Instead it was about the various ideas or objects that we Americans idolize.  There are a number of really good possibilitiesContinue reading “American Idols – Ezekiel 4 & 5, Preview”