The one thing you must do to get unstuck in life – Acts 11:19-30, Part 5

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Do you feel stuck during the quarantine? Does it feel like the trauma is walling you in? It can be crippling, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. What is the solution to get through a difficult time? Move!

Move? Sell your house or get a new rental and move?

No, not that kind of move.

To explain what I mean by “move,” I want to go back to the article I quoted in the first post.  Here is his conclusion:

It’s no secret that the happiest people on the planet are those who live with little. With little, that leaves more freedom and playtime to discover our true creative genius within — our true nature. We all have it.

Become the person you are, and perhaps would have been, before culture contaminated you and brought you into disharmony with yourself. You can choose to live your life in the vital mode of BEING rather than the empty mode of HAVING.

So what does it look like to life in the mode of being rather than having, and how does that relate to the mission of Jesus? This past week in one of my classes, a group presented fascinating material on how we can respond to trauma.  The group referred to a scientist who in 1989 traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Hugo, and here is what he said: ” It was one of the first times I saw very vividly how important it is for people to overcome their sense of helplessness after a trauma by actively doing something. Preventing people from moving when something terrible happens, that’s one of the things that makes trauma a trauma.”

We are now in the trauma of the coronavirus pandemic, and it can feel like we cannot move because of the quarantine.  In response to that, the story of the early church reminds us that the mission is still the mission.  If you are feeling afraid, bored, anxious, upset, confused, or frustrated by the pandemic and quarantine, then I encourage you to respond to the trauma and move, to be on mission. 

Being on mission starts with a state of mind that looks outward.  As I said before, for sure you need to be taking care of yourself and if you are struggling with mental health concerns during the pandemic, there are resources that are available, and I’d be glad to talk with you about that.

And let us all be encouraged and empowered to know that we can still be on mission during the quarantine. You have value, you are needed, you have a purpose.  It might require creativity and ingenuity, but let’s go for it!  You have gifts, you have a purpose.  Rather than feel all is lost, and just pine for the day when we will be back to the way it used to be, let’s remember that the way it used to be was filled with all kinds of stress and frustration as well.  Maybe the way it used to be was actually not so healthy.

So let’s put our current situation into perspective, and look outside ourselves to the mission.  One of the most encouraging things to me is to hear how my church family is still on mission during the pandemic.

One person is sewing face masks for Doctors without Borders.  Over 200 masks! 

One couple got 75 flowers and drove them around to people.

People are writing encouraging greeting cards.

People are delivering meals to one another.

People are spending time each day praying for those in our congregation.

People are doing prayer walks in their community and praying for their neighbors.

People are choosing honest encouragement on social media rather than bickering and complaining.

What ways can you be on mission this week?  Ask God to grow his heart within you more.  Take that time and sit with the Father and journal and talk with him. Ask him to give you eyes to see and ears to hear his heart in all of this and how you can find purpose and value in being a part of good during this time. Then step out in faith, following his lead!

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