Reflections on a month of free coffee from Starbucks

Starbucks is doing it again…the January refill mug is back! My wife got the refill mug for us two years ago, and I had a blast trying to fill that thing with coffee every day. I wrote a post reflecting on it. Take a look!

Let's Talk About Sunday

I admit, I started with doubt.  My wife came home with what Starbucks calls the January refill travel mug.  For $30, it was a relatively inexpensive Christmas gift to each other.  The concept of the January mug is pretty simple: you buy the mug, and during the month of January, Starbucks will fill it an unlimited amount of times.  Once January 31st says hello to February 1st, you own a travel mug, and you can continue to get 10cents off the price of a cup of coffee anytime in the future.

Whenever I hear the words “unlimited refills” it perks me up.

And yet I doubted.  $30 is steep.  We really don’t need another travel mug.  But most of all I questioned, is this actually a good deal?

I definitely reveled in a fantasy sometimes when I handed my mug over to the various baristas, “I’ll have blonde…

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