The Most Obnoxious Christmas Commercial of All Time

13 Dec

Before you read further, stop here and think to yourself: what is the most awful, obnoxious Christmas commercial you’ve ever seen?  Maybe write it down.  Maybe comment in the comment section below.  Take a few moments and get some options in mind.

The commercials I am referring to have become a staple of Christmas television for the last ten years.  One author calls them the most obnoxious of all time.  Here’s an example from 2011 (2013’s version is not much better):

Did you guess Lexus?

As we continue our study of The Advent Conspiracy, this Sunday we will talk about giving more.  So we’re going to learn how to give our loved ones luxury cars for Christmas!

Or maybe not. Is there another way to Give More?

Whenever pastors start talking about giving more, people get nervous.  They get “sick” and have to stay home from worship that Sunday.  Let me tell you from the other side of the pulpit (which I never use anymore), that pastors hate preaching about giving.  How can we convey biblical teaching so that it doesn’t come off as self-serving?  It is awkward all around.

Perhaps we can look at it differently.  In the Advent Conspiracy, we have already talked about how the focus of Christmas is to worship God, and so we worship him by spending less, in order that we might be able to give more.  If we spend less, though, won’t we have less to give?  Come find out!

2 Responses to “The Most Obnoxious Christmas Commercial of All Time”

  1. David Mennig December 13, 2013 at 1:09 pm #

    I think I like this Christmas commercial a little better.

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