Follow up to “Do we need to stop singing in worship?”

This Sunday we did stop singing in worship

While our worship leader, Becka, didn’t lead us in singing songs, she did lead us in worship.

The reason is that when we hired her, we did not hire a piano player.  If all we wanted was a piano player, it would be clear that all we wanted Becka to focus on was music.  But we didn’t hire a piano player, we hired a worship leader.  We want her to focus on leading us in worship.  And there is a lot more to that than playing songs.

With that in mind, on Sunday, after the sermon, which was about worship, she led us in a great time of worship.  Very creative, practical, relational worship of God.  What did we learn from this?

Worship is not defined by music.  But it should often include music.

Worship is not the domain of paid professionals.  But paid professionals can join with the entire congregation in worship.

Worship is not just what happens in a church building for an hour on Sunday.  But that time of gathered, organized worship can launch into a life of worship throughout the rest of the week.

Worship is not a set form.  But it can be experimental, including many forms, practices, and even rituals from a variety of God-glorifying traditions, if done from a heart that says I want love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Worship is not about getting filled, feeling good, and loving the show.  But it can be inspiring, encouraging, and should be very celebratory, as we come to worship with the foundational attitude of giving, serving, and sacrifice.

So what did you learn about worship?

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I love my wife, Michelle, and our four kids and two daughters-in-law. I serve at Faith Church and love our church family. I teach a course online from time to time, and in my free time I love to read and exercise, especially running,

3 thoughts on “Follow up to “Do we need to stop singing in worship?”

  1. I really enjoyed Sundays method of worship, I feel it was a great way to open our eyes to how routine our ways can become. Like I mentioned during Sermon discussion, I feel sometimes Music can be a distraction. Now I LOVE MUSIC. And I feel it can help us in many ways too. I had a thought, possibly an idea! Would it be beneficial to sing at the end of worship? Maybe hearing the Sermon, having time to Pray first, and clearing any thoughts/ distractions would help it not be SO routine? Just a thought I had.

    I complemented Becka after service, I told her that writing down answers to those questions and having that to refer to later in the week, was Brilliant! Very helpful to me this week too!

    To sum it all up, I believe in change. I think it is useful to open our eyes, and help us better ourselves. Too often we get stuck & stale. And for myself my journey as a Christian, has grown the strongest through the changes that have taken place.
    Lol. If you can’t tell, yes the Sermon really Inspired me! Thank You

  2. I love to sing, and to me, it is inspiring to worship through songs….it emotionally sets my heart to accept and receive the blessings and also allows me to be open to give myself over in ways that I cannot express with just mere words. I missed the music, but I am being honest. I totally understand what you are saying, and I know there are other means of worshiping God, not just with worship. When I drum, I worship, it’s meaningful to me as well, so I guess that is just another example of that worship is more than a song. Perhaps some heartfelt made up songs would be fun to explore of how we really feel, and maybe the better response of what would you actually say in a song? Like, for example: I should be singing Lord, I give over my loads of laundry that are weighing me down, to the floor I go, to the floor I go… get the picture….we really need to say, God, I give you my time because I can’t seem to focus on anything without you… to my knees I go, to my knees I go…so yes, it was thought provoking and meaningful……

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