Dreams and Visions

I admittedly gave Phil Bartelt a tough assignment this weekend.  Phil is preaching at Faith Church because I was at Dads-n-Lads camp with my son Jared at Twin Pines for the better part of the week.

Phil is preaching on four chapters in Daniel.  7, 8, 11, 12.  Check them out, and you’ll see why I called it a tough assignment.  Not only is it four chapters, the material is very, well, strange.  It is filled with dreams and visions, prophecies about the future.  That should come as no surprise to you if you have been following along with our study of the book of Daniel.  From the first chapter we learn that God blessed Daniel with the gift of interpreting dreams.  Then God gave the Babylonian kings some powerful dreams and visions which no one could understand except Daniel.

In these chapters, God and Daniel are at it again.

So it is four chapters, it is about dreams, but it is also about prophecy, the meaning of which scholars have debated for centuries.

And Phil is going to figure it all out for us!  😉

But I need you to prep for this sermon.  Read those chapters ahead of time.  Also read what Jesus had to say about prophecy and future times.  He talked about it in places like Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and Acts 1:6-7.

People have at times requested that I preach about the book of Revelation.  This will come very close!

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