Are you changing?

Have you become a different person in the last year?  How about in the last five years?  For those of you who have lived a bit longer, are you different now from what you were 30, 40, or 50 years ago?

We were watching videotapes this past week of our family 13 years ago.  Some of them were from our year in Jamaica, and our two oldest boys were 3 and 2 years old.  We watched them with great joy because it was so cute seeing our boys that little.  I’ll be honest, though…it made me ache inside.  The passage of time is filled with joys and sadness.  How many of you have felt the sadness of your children or grandchildren growing up?  How many of you have said, “I just want them to stay little”?  Our little ones weren’t even born in those videos, and now they are 7 and 9.  Sometimes I say to them, “How about it guys, let’s stop growing!” 

But they just keep getting older…

We all go through change in our lives, we become different people as the years go by. Sometimes the change is for the good, sometimes for the worse. Are you changing? How can we change in the right direction?

This Sunday we study Daniel chapter 4 and learn about a pretty dramatic change that happens in King Nebuchadnezzar’s life.  Would you be willing to tell us here how you have been changing?  Then read Daniel 4!

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I love my wife, Michelle, and our four kids and two daughters-in-law. I serve at Faith Church and love our church family. I teach a course online from time to time, and in my free time I love to read and exercise, especially running,

5 thoughts on “Are you changing?

  1. I have to laugh as I am typing. Because I really wish somehow,I could gather all the people that are involved in our lives, and have you ask them that question. Because I think the people around us can sometimes see us change sooner then we see it.

    Going back 5 years ago it was just Ken & I. No kids, no church. Life was what we thought”simple”meant. But once having children and coming to Faith Church, yes things have changed. Our goal was to provide a positive environment while meeting other family’s. At the time, God was not at the top of the list. It has been 3 years now, and wow have we changed. And I know that was God’s plan all along. Everything we do God is now the center of. Good or bad, if it is something good we know he is happy with us. If it is not so good, we know we must seek his forgiveness and focus on redirecting our path.

    But I do know that in this change, which has brought a overwhelming amount of good to our lives, it has brought some bad. Unfortunately when you go through a spiritual cleansing you go through a lot of emotions and times of questioning. And that’s when people see the change in you. And that can be one of the most difficult times. Most people don’t like change, especially when it doesn’t meet their needs.

    In my opinion that is what life is about. Change. Learning, growing & moving forward. Life with God in it is no different, he wants us to seek more, give more and grow with HIM. I would like to say we have changed for the good, however I know there are people who would say something different. They feel now we might judge them, or we just don’t know how to have fun. I have learned that in life you are not able to please everyone, however God is easily pleased when you can say”I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU LORD”

    This certainly is a perfect time for this sermon, as I feel the biggest changes within myself.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write this, so looking forward to hearing the sermon.

    1. I didn’t read your post before I typed mine. I really didn’t need to, you said it all. Good job Sherri!

  2. I definitely feel like I’ve changed in the past few years but then again it’s been about three years now that me and my wife are saved. We’ve developed some positive relationships and are really starting to understand what it means to live or lives for Jesus Christ. Now that’s not to say they’re haven’t been some real setbacks and serious struggles, but the support we have from our brothers and sisters at Faith EC Church as well as others, and the willingness within us to allow God to work in our lives keeps us focused on what He has planned.

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