Is something wrong if you are not making disciples?

Have you ever made a disciple?  By “making disciples”, I don’t mean disciples of yourself, but instead I mean disciples of Jesus.  Have you ever helped a person grow closer to Jesus, be more committed to him?

Jesus said the he would make his disciples “fishers of men.”  Essentially, he was saying that he would help them do what he did.  That takes us to our sermon last Sunday.  Jesus did make those original disciples into fishers of men.  He concluded his time with them by saying to them, “make disciples.”  Once they had become his disciples, he wanted them to make more.  And more. And more.

So is something wrong if you and I are not making disciples?  What if you have been a part of a church for years, maybe even decades, but you’ve never made a disciple.  Is that okay?  Is it bad?  Is it possible, if you are not “fishers of men” that you are not a disciple yourself?

Check out these remarks by Ed Stetzer.  Ed is a guy who studies the church around the world, particularly from the viewpoint of reaching out and starting new churches.  Hear what he recently said about discipleship:

One of the compelling statements from [a recent conference] was in reference to who could be a disciple-maker. One of our speakers declared that the New Testament expectations for those who would hold an official office in the church were extremely high. However, he went on to say, the qualifications for those who would make disciples are much, much less intense. His point was merely that disciple-making should be a normal function of every Christ follower. In the more healthy and growing expressions the global church, this is an expectation.

Do you expect this of yourself?  Does your church expect it of you?  How so?  How do you show that “disciple-making is a normal function” of your life?

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One thought on “Is something wrong if you are not making disciples?

  1. I think if an individual Christian is not making disciples, there is something wrong, but not just with him/her but the local church as well. We were in a meeting once, a board meeting, at a church and someone used the word “discipleship” and the board president made a comment like “I don’t even know what that is.” That was sort of shocking to me. I get upset sometimes when we equate discipleship with salvation, as in, “How many people have you led to the Lord?” and leave it at that. Because I think discipleship is so much more than that. And numbers aren’t what’s important. If they were, Jesus’ own earthly numbers wouldn’t have looked good. I appreciate Stetzer’s comment about the global church. I think there’s a much deeper understanding of the need for discipleship, not just to make Christians but to make committed followers, in areas where it’s not easy to be a Christian. We sort of take for granted that if a person becomes a Christian, they can go to a church and read a Bible or have access to a zillion websites to supplement their conversion. As for a normal function of my life, I think about discipleship a lot more as a parent with all day access to her kids (for the time being). I know I mess up, but they’re going to know who Jesus is and how we relate to him.

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