Do Christians really have to follow all those weird Old Testament laws?

There are loads of laws in the Old Testament.  Some of them are really bizarre, and for the most part Christians don’t follow them.  We like the 10 Commandments though.  So we say “Jesus came to fulfill the Law” and happily decide we don’t have to obey the weird commands like not eating shellfish, not getting tattoos, or having to build parapets around our roofs.  But, we still say the 10 Commandments are binding.  Why those 10, but not the others?

In preparation for our Church Has Left The Building Sunday on October 7, we’re taking a break from our Minor Prophets series, and I’m starting a sermon mini-series that will look into the mission of God.  Our first step is to attempt an the question, “Are we allowed to leave the building on a Sunday?”  Don’t we have to sit in pews, sing songs, hear sermons, and do all that other churchy stuff?  Isn’t that what keeping the Sabbath is all about (see #4 of the 10 Commandments)?  At the root of this discussion is learning how New Testament disciples of Jesus should interact with all those Old Testament Laws that God gave to Israel.  There are numerous responses, and I have found Dave Dorsey’s to be superior.  I encourage you to read his article, and then lets’ discuss!

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