6 thoughts on “Ever regret something you said and wished you could take it back?

  1. It wasn’t so much that I regretted it, but I think my parents did. When I was pretty little, we were all sitting down for a nice dinner at my grandma’s house. She kept getting up and down to put more food on the table and make sure everything was perfect. Trying to encourage her to not worry, I exclaimed, “Sh*t grandma, we’ve got enough!”. Thankfully she thought I said “sit”, but most everyone else in my family heard it correctly and wished they could take it back for me!

  2. When living in Korea, I had just learned how to say “It’s cold out”. Excited to practice, I got into the elevator with a Korean neighbor who had just come from market. I smiled really big and exclaimed, “It’s cold out!” to her in Korean. She looked at me with awe, smiled back, and with a bow, handed me the fruit she had just purchased from the market and then stepped out of the elevator, again with a bow. When I returned to my apartment, I told my Korean roommate how sweet it was that a neighbor had rewarded my great Korean language skills with fruit. With a laugh, my roommate informed me that I had not said, “it’s cold out!” but instead said (with a big smile) “give me those!”. I felt terrible and wished I could have taken it back (and the fruit too), but I never saw that neighbor again.

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